Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 49: Ankle deep water didn't bother us

Sometimes things don't always go perfect. It has been a good week, just people don't want to commit themselves to anything, in specific a baptism date... We've tried with several people but they reject. But they really like everything that we teach, they come to church, they read the Book of Mormon, they pray, I guess we just haven't found their real needs because they're all great investigators. We normally have about 8 investigators in the church each Sunday, but none of them have baptism dates, they're all starting to turn into eternal investigators... But this morning we had our zone conference and they talked about setting dates, hopefully we'll be able to change a few things this week. 

It's so cool to see how excited the people that just got baptized are! Juan and Jaime both received the priesthood and are super gung-ho about magnifying their priesthood. I can still remember perfectly the moments that we contacted them, and I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to remember the rest of my life! I really can't express the joy that I have felt seeing them change their lives and live the gospel. 

It has started to rain a lot again, and we had lost our umbrellas (don't worry, I finally got another one today!) But we have gotten pretty wet a lot lately. One day this week it started raining super super hard while we were teaching a lesson, we finished the lesson but decided to wait just a bit to see if it would let up at all. It didn't so we decided to go for it. After we left suddenly all of our last three appointments for the day fell through and we were soaking wet, but somehow these moments seem to be my favorites in the mission. We started walking around helping random people sweep water out from their patios before their houses flooded. People at first are always a bit hesitant to accept help from us and say that we'll get wet in our nice clothes, but then they´d see that we were already soaking wet and walking in ankle deep water didn't seem to bother us, so they couldn't really say no. 

It has been another fun week in the mission and I'm ready to take on another one! Thanks for all of your support and emails! I love being able to sit for just a bit and read from all of you. You might think that you don't have a whole lot to say and that your lives are dull, but it's just about one of the most interesting things for a missionary to read about cleaning out the garage or that mom cut someones hair. Dead serious. I could read it over and over again all day, but don't worry I don't! I do have plenty of other things to keep me busy :) I love you all so much!

Elder Twede

Just a little bit of water.

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