Thursday, August 29, 2013

MTC Week 3: I'm getting spoiled

Here at the MTC each day blurs together with the others because it's basically the same thing over and over. But I'm really starting to love it here! It's amazing how much you can learn when the spirit is present! I can understand a lot more Spanish than I can speak, but I'm still surprised at how much I can speak when I teach lessons. Really as far as writing about what happens here there isn't much. My schedule usually goes something like this. Breakfast at 7:00, An hour of personal study, an hour of language study, an hour of gym, lunch, 3 hours of class, an hour of additional study, dinner at 4:30, another hour of language study, another 3 hours of class, then I return to my room. As you can see, there's a lot of study time! But I'm sure everything I do now, I will be very grateful for once I get out into the field!

This last Sunday I was in for a surprise. I got called as district leader. It was similar to how they used to do it back with Brigham Young, where he would just call names in the meeting and tell them what their calling was in front of everyone. But basically all that it means is I get to go to some extra meetings on Sunday and pick up the mail every day.

On Tuesday we were privileged to hear another Apostle speak! Neil L. Anderson spoke at the Marriott center! It was really cool to have the chance to be in the same room as an Apostle again! I feel like I'm getting spoiled with already hearing two of the twelve speak. He talked about how important it is to love while doing the Lords work. One of my favorite quotes from his talk was "we sacrifice for the things we love, and we love the things that we sacrifice for." Being on a mission I have learned what I truly love in life. The Gospel comes first on that list, I truly love this work and I can't wait to get to Mexico to share it with the people there! My mission is a manifestation for my love of the Gospel.

My other favorite quote from that night was "blessings come after our trials." My last two weeks ring true to those words. My second week in the MTC may have been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Getting sick, feeling overwhelmed with the language, and feeling completely emotionally drained. I was facing some very difficult trials during that whole week. But I can't deny that because of those experiences the blessings have been pouring out this last week. I'm starting to recognize that in order to receive great blessings, we must endure great trials. It all comes back to the principle of opposition in all things.

Some exciting news! My visa came in! Guess where I have to go get it? Las Vegas. yep. I have to fly all the way down to Las Vegas tomorrow just to sign for my visa. But I'm actually pretty excited! It will be nice to do something different for a day, especially after doing the same thing over and over here. Plus it's going to be my first time flying! I just.. wish it could be some other place rather than Las Vegas... But I'll just count my blessings :)

Thank you for all of your support and love! I can feel your prayers and they are a great strength to me. I love you all and pray for you all back home every day. 

Elder Twede
Trying to figure out the order of the 8 dearelders I got that day

Elder Huefner and I played chess today. I barely won.

The corner desk is mine. I spend so much time sitting there.

My district from left to right. Elders Kurshaw, Rushton, Darcy, Huefner, Me, Bradshaw, Rolph.

You probably recognize this really well! Home sweet home.

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