Thursday, August 22, 2013

MTC Week 2 Q&A

Well, no official email today from Elder Twede but he did send me a message in reply to a letter I sent recently.  He answered a list of questions I sent him so here they are.
I got your DearElder yesterday and you asked a few questions. So I'll just answer them right here :) 

I am in the old residence halls on the MTC campus, which I hear the new west campus has much nicer places... They say that have their own kitchens and a couch! They're like private apartments! But I'm still enjoying my place. 

I haven't found anything hidden in my room... I did look though. The other Elders in my district are making an MTC survival guide that they're going to leave behind in the room though!

Mi Companero es Elder Huefner. I think I wrote about him in one of my letters to the family... but it's hard to remember everything that I write... It could have been in something that I sent to Madi...

 I haven't had any dreams about being out in the field as a missionary yet... but I do dream about being in the MTC all the time.

No one has taught me a lesson randomly yet... I don't know if they really ever do that now? They have us teach the teachers a lot as they act as investigators, and they bring people in for us to teach. But I don't really see many missionaries teaching other missionaries... They probably do though; I'm just always inside...

I actually haven't completed all of the fundamentals in Preach My Gospel yet... for now it's mostly language study. Sometimes we'll practice teaching a lesson in English and it's soooo much easier! The Spanish has actually been kind of a struggle for me... I hope I can pick it up in 6 weeks! English speaking missionaries are only here for 11 days!

I do make my bed every morning.

I guess you could call it janitor duty... If you're referring to service time. 

I've played some 4 square, no soccer, mostly just basketball.

I don't know if I'll ever beat the push-up record...

I only have two tags and I haven't lost either one… Was that a common thing to happen to missionaries?

I'm not really sick of the food... but the food has made me sick... I was even trying to eat healthy! But I do love the wrap bar! I go to that every time that it's open. And that bar that you talked about that had Mexican food on it, My district always sits over by that. It isn't a Mexican bar; it's just leftovers from the last meal. But they do seem to always have rice.

Well that's all of them! I hope I answered the important one ;) Thanks for the letters though! I finally understand why they acted the way they did in the best two years movie when they got mail ;) kidding... well.. kinda.. ;) sometimes I do feel like Elder Van Pelt (or whatever his name is...) I got so much mail the first few days and no one else was getting any! One day I got 8 DearElders! It's crazy too because it just prints them all out together and adds the next one onto the other on the same page and continues on another page... so I have to piece them all together like a puzzle. 
I hope life at home isn't too crazy right now. As for life here, I guess the Spanish is coming along... It's hard to tell. But I do know more in these two weeks than I did during two years in high school for sure!  
I'm looking forward to your next letter!
Elder Twede

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