Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 29: A bit more of Mexico

Sometimes days in the mission start to feel really long and you don't feel like you have enough energy to take another step, but then God gives you an experience that reminds you of why you're here. A lot of times it isn't anything even that big, just a little reminder that I'm not here serving alone, but I have His support. 

Friday we went searching for a reference, we knocked on a door and a little old lady answered. We asked if Armondo lived there and she said yes but wasn't there at that moment, we asked if she had a little bit of time to talk but she anxiously said no and closed the door. Later in the day we were walking by and she was outside shoveling gravel into a bag, we ran over to her and offered to help. She said she didn't need our help, but we weren't taking no for an answer! Somehow Elder C├írdenas managed to get the shovel from her and I started talking. She ended up opening up to us and even asked where our church building is and that she'd like to come. She didn't end up coming because she had to work, but it was cool to see the difference in someone when we just started serving. 

We had a special mission conference on Wednesday and they changed the standard of excellence for the mission. Before we were supposed to make at least 25 contacts in the street each week. Now we're supposed to make 20 each day! I can't say that we reached that goal, but we did make improvements this week because of the higher standard. 

This morning we went into the offices and I saw the president, he asked me how long I've been in my area. I told him five and a half months, all he said after that was "pack" and then walked into his office. SO I guess I'll be having changes in week, I don't know where, all I know is I won't be here. Which I  guess I'm a bit excited for! I'll finally get to see a bit more of Mexico.

Thank you for all of your support! I love you all so much!
Love Elder Twede

Sister Lopez Rivera who helps us with our laundry and always gives us a bunch of food. I haven't grown at all... I just look a lot taller next to most of the people here ;)

Elder C├írdenas getting his bag ready for the day. 

Elder Bradshaw who was in the MTC with me. We ran into each other at the offices this morning. He's an amazing missionary!

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