Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 30: The end of another cycle

Week 30 and the end of another cycle! I can't really believe how fast it's slipping by! It seems like just yesterday that I hit six months. This week is all just a blur in my memory right now... and I have my new agenda so I can't look back on what I did or what happened... oh wait. I remember what I wanted to write. 

So this week we set a really high goal for contacts in the street. We were determined to have more than we've had in the past. The first few days of the week we did well with our energy and excitement in this goal, but one day we started to fall behind, and then the next day we fell more behind, and then our energy and excitement started to die. There's something about the mission when you know that you aren't doing everything you can to have more success that you start getting really down on yourself. Well, we weren't making contacts like we knew we could, and I started to get down on myself and when that happens it's hard to feel the spirit. At one point we left a lesson that was just that.. a lesson and nothing special.. We were walking down the street and I just asked the Lord in my heart "What do I need to do to be happier and feel the spirit more". I had a clear prompting that I need to contact the two ladies walking towards us, so I did. They rejected us. For a bit I was confused because I really felt like we needed to make that contact, but it soon all became clear why. 

As we continued on our way a guy in the back of a truck called out to me and asked where I was from (happens a lot because I kind of stand our) I told him and tried contacting him, but he didn't want to hear anything more than where I was from. But because we were there at that exact time for that guy to stop us to talk, a mother and daughter we able to catch up to us. They stopped us and told us that they really wanted to learn more about our church and asked "would it be a problem if you could come visit us and teach us?"........ MISSIONARY DREAM COME TRUE!!! We told them that it wouldn't be a problem at all and set an appointmet to visit them the next week. (Sadly I won't be in this area for the lesson...) After that event took place I felt wonderful, walking on cloud 9! But the Lord wasn't done blessing us. No more had we walked 100 feet another guy stopped us and told us his situation about how his wife and children left him because he drank. He was a really sweet well mannered man pleading for help. We wrote down his address and when we shook hands to say bye he said "please don't forget about me." later that night he called us to make sure that we hadn't forgotten about him. It's amazing how one act of faith can bring about so many miracles. 

I know my changed now. Tomorrow I'll be going to Valle de Chalco with my new companion Elder Reyes. I don't know anything about the place or the companion. So I'll e able to tell you more ext week :) But I'm excited to finally be able to meet some new people. I've been in this same ward for 5 1/2 months now. My current companion Elder C├árdenas is staying in this area and will be the new district leader! He's nervous but I know that he'll be great. 

This week I don't think I had any crazy things happen to me, or maybe I just don't remember them because I'm getting used to crazy things happening and it all just seems normal now. I ate soggy pig skin in salsa... but that's pretty normal here.. I've just been lucky to avoid it until now. 

Les amo
Love Elder Twede

This ice cream is amazing. They hollow out the fruit, make ice cream out of the insides, and then fill it back up with the deliciousness!

My favorite little lady here! She has such a strong testimony

An awesome family that we helped reactivate and are now preparing to go to the temple together!

La familia De Anda

This family is great! They wash our clothes, they give us lots of food, what more could a missionary want ;)

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