Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 32: I'm starting to figure it out

Ok... so I was just about to send the email and.. well.. It's gone... I don't know what happened... So sorry if this week is a bit short... man.. I don't want to start over...

Well.. as for my area, I'm starting to figure it out a bit more. The directions that people give us are a bit difficult at times "go straight for three streets and then turn left and go straight four more streets and then turn left. It's the house with the green door." When we get there there are usually about three or four green doors. About half of the streets are dirt and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to buy new shoes.

We have some amazing investigators! Sister Beatriz is super golden! In our last lesson with her we taught the Book of Mormon and we asked if she could close with the prayer and ask in the prayer in the Book of Mormon is true. When she prayed she said "I don't really need to ask if this book is true because I already know."... Those are the moments that all missionaries dream for! The spirit was super strong and the conviction in her voice made it clear that she really does have a testimony. 

I am getting a lot better at speaking Spanish with my companion and I'm getting a lot better at teaching. There are some people that think that I have more time here than six months because my accent. But if they really have a full on conversation with me they usually figure out pretty quick that I've only been in Mexico for six months.

It is crazy that yesterday I hit six months in Mexico! It still seems weird to me that I'm in a different country. But to say I've lived here for six months seems even more weird, it is flying by thought! There are times when two years seems really short. 

I had more things written before I know it... but I can't remember... I hope everything back home is going well. I love the pictures that you send me! Tell grandpa I love him and he'll be in my prayers. That operation looked pretty nasty. 
Adrie. You look like a young women. I hope you make it into the play! that would be super awesome! and Connor good luck! you guys are awesome! 

I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support and letters, they're pretty much the best things ever. 

Elder Twede

A member sells burgurs right outside our door at night and sometimes gives us each one for free. Being a missionary really does have it's perks.

Here's my house. It's one big room with the bathroom in the corner.

Playing soccer at the church

Bryce mentioned in one of his letters that everyone is saying that I'm super tan. I thought I'd show you my beautiful missionary tan line. My arms are equally as bad.

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