Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 35: Conference was FANTASTIC!

I am now done with 1/3 of my mission. That's really weird to think about! Today I was talking to a missionary that is in his first cycle and was giving him a bunch of pointers and then realized ¨I remember talking to a missionary that had 8 months when I got here and thinking that he had been here for a long time.¨ It really has passed by super fast!

Today we had our mission wide fútbol tournament, this time my zone didn´t win... But I still had fun. I made sure to put on sunscreen this time so that I don't wake up tomorrow looking like a lobster. I'm not very good at playing fútbol yet, I guess I haven't eaten enough beans yet ;) 

So, conference, or missionary superbowl as Bryce calls it. Seems pretty appropriate, except for I've never seen a superbowl so I wouldn't know ;) As always conference was FANTASTIC! The opportunity to listen to the counsels of the prophet and apostles is such a blessing. The first hour of the first session was in Spanish because they hadn't set the tv up before hand, but I'm at the point where I could pretty much understand it all, but it's still always better to hear the prophet and apostles own voices. Us English speakers get treated pretty well as they set up a TV in the high counsel room and we get the big soft chairs, a lot better than all the hard chairs in the chapel. 

One of my favorite talks was by Elder Ballard. He spoke of how everyone should study preach my gospel and write the missionaries about what they are learning. Some of the most enjoyable letters I have received while on the mission have been about what you are learning in your studies and experiences. It brings me so much joy, as the scripture says when Alma met up with the sons of Mosiah
¨therefore Alma did rejoice exceedingly to see his brethren; and what added more to his joy, they were still his brethrein the Lord; yea, and they had waxed strong in the knowledge of the truth; for they were men of sound understanding and they had bsearched the scriptures diligently,that they might know the word of God.¨
As my life at this moment is filled with opportunities to have spiritual and faith building experiences, I hope that my loved ones back home can enjoy the same opportunities to grow and progress in the gospel. I pray every single night that you can all have moments to increase your faith and love for the gospel. What would truly give me joy would be to hear of those moments in your letters :) 

Another talk that really caught my attention was Elder Henry B. Eyring on the importance of our heritage and the heritage that we leave behind. It brought me to thinking about my heritage, and the truth is I don't know the exact story. I know that I have a strong heritage from both sides of the family, but maybe you could send me some of the stories Mom and Dad? I would love to read them :)

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf´s talk on ¨don´t sleep through the restoration¨ was simply wonderful! This truly is a time that we would greatly regret later if we don't now fully participate. I feel such an honor to be able to serve in this day and age, the church really is moving forward in highest gear! We can´t even afford to take a quick nap right now! Or we´ll be left behind. 

I had so much more that I wanted to write about what I learned in the conference, but I left my notes at home... 

A lot of the times that we go to teach investigators, we're the ones that end up being taught. Our golden investigator right now Ruth is a single mom of 6 kids. Only the two youngest live in the house with her right now, but the rest all live with their families in the same block. I don't know the specifics of what happened, all I know is that her husband left her. But as we started the lesson with the prayer I was humbled to see someone so forgiving. She started the prayer thanking the Lord for her blessings, and than asked for specific blessings for her run away husband. Even though he hurt her badly, she still managed to not only forgive, but express love for this man. It was a humbling experience for me as I reflected on maybe some of the people that I should more easily forgive. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for the letters and support! Until next week.

Elder Twede

THIS. Is a mango

Eating between conference sessions. 

High council room watching conference.

Our semi-annual fútbol tournament. Our zone was the only one that didn't get the jerseys. We played in white shirt and tie. 

My twin brother Elder Huefner. We we're both trained together.

My zone

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