Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 14: Goodbye to my Trainer

I have a lot to write today! hopefully I can get it all in on time! ok. to start. We had our mission wide Christmas activity, it was a lot of fun as we did a white elephant gift exchange (I got a piƱata that I gave to the kids that live downstairs when I got home) Afterwards each zone put on a skit. My zone did a skit about the Lion King but with missionaries. I got chosen agains't my consent to be Elder Simba. It was actually pretty fun to perform again and sing on a stage. We change the words to songs like "Oh I just can't wait to be senior companion" (it works a lot better in spanish...) and for can you feel the love tonight I got a dear john letter and sang it all sad. It seemed to be a hit with everyone. 

After the Christmas activity I had to say goodbye to my trainer Elder West. It was a sad moment but that the mission life for ya, lots of change. It's weird to think that he's back in Utah now. 

Funny story time. So I was teaching a lesson and there was this little boy there. He walked up to me and just started staring at me with his eyes super wide. After I had glanced back at him a few times and looked at my companion in confusion he finally asked in a somewhat concerned voice "why are your eyes blue?" I thought it was super funny. 

So last week I mentioned that we got a new bishop and I was pretty excited. Well I wasn't as excited as the members... It's actually kind of sad how much the less active members rejoice when we tell them. It's probably about the aquivilant to how the people rejoiced when they were freed from Pharoah. This last Sunday we had 17 less active members come to church. 

Well since it's Christmas time we've been focusing a lot on the life of Christ in our lessions. I really love using the example of Christ to help show people what we should been striving to be. There's a scripture that I really like in Matthew 20:28 "Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many" I actually like this scripture more in spanish because it uses the word served in the the place of ministered. Christ came to the earth to serve, not to be served. During this holliday season it can be easy to get caught up in what we want for Christmas. But if we take and apply the example of Christ and use this time of the year to focuse more on how we can serve others rather than recieve stuff, it will be a much more rewarding Christmas. 

Merry Christmas everyone! The birth of our Savior truly is a thing to rejoice in! remember that when you start to get stressed over getting ready for the hollidays. Just remember to enjoy it!

Love Elder Twede

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