Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 11: It just keeps getting better and better

What a week, a lot of little things happened each day that really made
it interesting. One morning the neighbors decided to blast music at
4:30 AM, so I lost two hours of sleep. One morning we didn't have any
water, and when we finally got it working our water heater wasn't
working, so we had to take really cold showers. Elder West and I were
walking down the side walk on a busy road and someone threw eggs at us
from their car going about 45 MPH! Elder West got hit on his shoe and
I got hit on the elbow. It stung a bit, but what was most annoying was
that now I have to wash my sweater. All in all I this week gave me a
bunch of great stories to tell :)

I have had some pretty powerful lessons this week. Elder Huefner and I
had a couple of chances to go out and teach together and we still
don't speak Spanish that well. But there truly is power in testifying,
even if it's a very simple testimony. We went and visited Cindy and
Christopher together (the two that were having marriage trouble) Elder
Huefner and I taught eternal marriage and the spirit was very strong.
There's a different power in lessons when you really care about the
people you're teaching. I want to learn how to have that same kind of
love for everyone I teach, because it really makes a difference.
They're doing a lot better now!

Today we went into Mexico City! It was crazy! Shopping around is a lot
of fun, but it's easy to start wanting a lot of stuff. Armodillo bags,
hand crafted chess sets, awesome looking sculpters, and a lot of other
random stuff. Elder West was going to town in buying souveniers
because he's going home in two weeks, I just had to tell myself to
wait and I'll be able to do that all at the end of my mission. That
way I won't have to lug it around for the next two years either. The
picture of the big catholic church is where an old temple used to
stand, but they tore it down and built the Catholic church. It was
pretty cool, but I think old temple ruins would have been a little
cooler. One of these days I'll get to go to Teotihuacan and see the
giant pyrimid temples there! I can't wait.

For thanksgiving we were on splits with our zone leader, who Elder
West trained about a year ago. We call our trainers our dad and we're
his kids, so it was like a whole family reunion with our brother
coming over to spend Thanksgiving day ;) We made mashed potatos,
chicken, and got roles. It was pretty good, but we all had stomech
aches the next day. I think the checken may have been the problem, but
we're all fine now.

Thank you for your support! I love you and pray for you daily. I love
the work here and it just keeps getting better and better the more
Spanish I learn.

Love Elder Twede

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