Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 5: Days are just slipping by

I forgot to bring my journal with me... I'll see how much I can remember...
So after that whole futbol competition we were all very very sore... We were probably a sight to see walking down the street. Let's just say we might not have kept the normal missionary pace that we normaly do when we walk. But it was worth it and I have more pictures to send of it!

This week was a little bit slower because we had a really hard time teaching, no one was ever home. We only managed to teach about 3 lessons a day... Which is really low. It would help for sure if Elder Huefner and I could speak Spanish a little better, but we still aren't sure why we aren't having much success in teaching lessons. We did find a new investigator named Mirna! She's super excited and she even came to stake conference yesterday! We've set a baptism date with her in November. Now we just need to keep her coming to church every week for four more Sundays! We've had a couple of other baptism dates set, but they have to come to church five times before they can be baptized. It's good because it weeds out a lot of the people that would just go inactive, but it takes a lot on our part to get them coming sometimes. But I would rather baptize someone that's really converted and will endure than just go inactive. 

I feel like I have kind of slowed down in learning the language. There was a really steep learning curve right at the beginning, but now days are just slipping by and it's hard to tell if I'm getting better or not. But I really don't want to let the language get in the way of a lesson being meaningful, so I've made it my goal to always go into lessons smiling as much as possible. Since I started doing this I have noticed a difference, people know that I can't say a whole lot, but when I'm smiling they open up a whole lot more. They feel like I'm actually happy to be here serving them. We've had a couple of inactive members tell us this week that they like our visits because they feel like we actually care about them, and now they have started coming to church again. I'm finding more and more that it isn't so much about what I'm able to say, but what kind of spirit I have with me, even when I don't say a whole lot. 

Today we got to do something a little special! We got permission to leave our area and meet up with some other missionaries at a mall. We walked around a bit and I forgot how clean places can be! There wasn't any grafiti or garbage! This is probably due to the guards with big guns, but it was really weird to walk around in such a big clean building that didn't smell weird. After walking around we went to Panda Express. Let me just say that food is expensive! Because it's Panda it still had American prices... I'll send a picture of what food I buy here! It's a lot cheaper. Anyways, it was a lot of fun and I did enjoy my orange chicken. 

I really feel like I'm forgetting something... But that's all I can remember about this week off of my head. Thank you for your love and support! I love all the dearelders and I can't wait to go to my district meeting right after this and get more hopefully! I did hear that they are two or three weeks delayed, but I still enjoy them! I'm loving the work and growing so much! I encourage everyone to find the missionaries in your area and work with them! Missionary work moves forward much quicker when the ward members work with us. And I promise that it will be a rewarding experience if you do!

Elder Twede

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