Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 6: Christmas... I know it´s a little early...

Ok... beginning letters is always the hardest part about writing. It´s hard to remember everything that happens in a week. There´s so much, but it all mixes in with the other weeks, I can´t tell if it was yesterday that I ate with the Chapital Family or if that was three weeks ago... Ok maybe it isn´t that bad, but it´s hard to keep everything streight in my head. 

We went on splits this week and Elder Huefner and I went solo without our trainer again because he had to go into the offices to get stuff ready for BYU next semester. It is amazing how in only six weeks I´m fine with walking around Mexico streets without having my trainer. I never would have thought I would be fine doing that before. But we did it and we even had to find our way into Chalco to pick up Elder West. That was the part that I was most nervous for, I didn´t want to get on the wrong bus and end up in Chihuahua. We did find him without any problems, except for when the bus driver asked how far I was going so he would know how much I would have to pay. I kind of just sat there with a blank face and I think he figured out that I had no clue what he was saying, so he just charged me an amount that I think was probably fair. 

We have a new investigator named Mirna! She´s awesome! We met her through a member who introduced us and from that first moment I felt that she was going to be a strong investigator. The other day we went to teach her on Saturday, we were going to teach about the importance of going to church. When we got there she was doing her laundry and she told us that some of her friends invited her to a party, but she told them that she couldn´t go because she had to do her laundry so that she could go to church on Sunday! We changed our lesson plan. Our biggest concern is that we´re going to have to get her married, most people here aren´t married, and we don´t know how the husband feels about that (we call him her husband, but they aren´t married). We´ll find out this week! 

We still are having bed bug problems.. Elder West is starting to find them on his bed. Elder Huefner and I got new matresses and we left the plastic wrap on them so that they hopefully won´t have any problems. But these little things just won´t go away... We got permission to fumigate the place, hopefully that will solve our problems. We have been keeping an eye out for a different place to live and we´ve looked at a few places, but I really don´t want to spend a whole p-day just moving. This morning we got up and deep cleaned our house, it really needed it. For some reason the house seems to get so dirty so easily. I understand why they don´t have carpet here, it would get disgusting so quickly. We rearanged everything so that we would have more space, and while doing this we found a Christmas tree and decorations! We turned on the Christmas music and started decorating! I know it´s a little early... But we couldn´t help it, and it really did bring a great spirit into our place! Even though I can´t be home on Christmas, I plan on making it just as good, so I better start preparing now! ;)

As for Spanish. It´s hard. Infact it´s really hard. I can´t wait for the day when I´ll be able to speak to people, or understand them for that fact. But I try to be patient with myself, I know that all the other missionaries that have to learn a new language go through this too. I´m just grateful that I have Elder Huefner as my companion still! We went through the MTC together and now we´re here. It´s nice to have that friendship with someone whose doing the exact same thing as me. I feel like I would be a lot harder on myself if it was only my trainer and I. But we are progressing a lot and I can teach a lesson pretty well without too much help. 

I didn´t take a ton of pictures this week because I left my camera card in the computer I was using last week... I don´t think I lost too many pictures, because I backed a lot of them up. But I´ll send the few that I did take. 

Thanks for your love and support! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful Halloween!

Elder Twede

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