Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 10: I'm Excited to be Back

Being a missionary is great when you can work! This week went by so
much faster now that I'm not sitting around in my house all day. It's
also nice to be able to see my own progress as I teach in each lesson,
I feel like I wasn't progressing as much as I would like while sitting
at home. So all I can say is I'm excited to be back out working again!

On thursday we moved into a bigger and better house! It's so nice! It
has a big main room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom that is
actually has a corner just for the shower! Our old bathroom you could
take a shower, go to the bathroom and shave over the sink all at the
same time! I might miss that a bit ;) but not really.

I've had some really hard lessons this week that would leave us
emotionaly drained afterwards. First there's a guy named Alberto that
lived in Provo for 8 years and was baptized during that time, but for
some reason he had to come back to Mexico, I'm not entirely sure why.
But he has been here for about 9 months and it has been very hard on
him. Elder West and I visited his home and he lives in an unfinished
room above a house, he has a curtain for a door, a bed and only a few
items to his name. It was sad to see and I know that he was living
much better in Provo because I don't think you could find a house this
bad in Utah. He's been feeling depression and it's very clear when you
talk to him because he just stares into nothingness and doesn't always
reply. On Friday we were at the church with the ward mission leader
when he called and asked if he could come see us. He came over and
Elder West and I shared a little message with him, but then we sat
there in silence and we were kind of at a loss of what we could do for
him. We pulled out our hymn books and started to sing, I don't think
I've ever felt the spirit so strong in a lesson and Alberto broke down
crying. And well... He wasn't the only one. We called the bishop who
ran over and interviewed him. but he's still very depressed and I'm
really worried about him, so if you can keep Alberto in your prayers
that would be great!

Speaking of the bishop he must of had a change of heart, because he
has suddenly started to work with us and has been helping out a lot!
Elder West says it's because of my leg, the bishop did ask the ward to
pray for me in sacrement and now that I'm better it got him excited I
think. It's funny how what seems to be a trial really can come out to
be a blessing.

You remember Cindy and Christopher the couple that I first baptized
two weeks after I got here. Well they have been having financial
issues and just got evicted from their house. The stresses have been
coming out on their relationship and it has been really hard on them.
We went to visit them at their new house and it was clear that they
aren't on very good terms with each other. We called the Elders
quorume president over and had a long talk with them. It came time for
Elder West and I to leave and Elder West asked if I could say the
closing prayer. The gift of tongues is real! I was able to say things
in the prayer that I have never said in Spanish before! It was all
stuff that I had maybe read or studied, but never spoken out loud. In
that very moment of need the Spirit brought to my memory those things
that I should say. But if you could also pray for Cindy and
Christopher that they can begin to work together in this hard time.

Thank you for all that you do and for your support! I'm really
beginning to love more and more things about my mission! It has had
it's hard moments and I'm sure that there will be many more, but I
know this is where I'm supposed to be and there's really no other
place I'd rather be right now. There really isn't any better feeling
than when you get to share your testimony and see it touch someone,
and it truly is amazing to see how much my own testimony has grown!
The finding of a testimony is in the sharing of it! I can't believe
that I've already been in Mexico for 10 weeks! If I include the MTC
it's 16 weeks that I've been a missionary! Ahhh I have so much work to
do before this all flies by! I just hope I can do everything that I'm
supposed to!

Love Elder Twede

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