Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 7: A Time to Ponder

Well this has been an interesting week. For the past two weeks my leg has been hurting and I kind of walked around with a limp. But Monday night it really started to hurt, it´s nothing that I´m not fimiliar with as I´ve had this condition my whole life. Basically it got to the point where I couldn´t walk anymore. My trainer Elder West set up some splits with members so that either Elder Huefner or him could go out and teach while one of them stayed with me in the house. That´s pretty much all I´ve done since Tuesday is sit around. This has given me lots of time to ponder about a lot of things. I´ve thought about why this had to happen while I´m on my mission, am I doing something wrong? Do I just not have enough faith to keep these things from happening to me? Why am I here if I can´t be doing any work? And a lot of other things that really started to trouble me. 

I started to try taking advantage of the time to study the scriptures and the missionary gospel library in order to try replacing those thoughts with more positive things. I prayed for guidance in the things that I would study to help me recieve comfort. The first book that I picked up was Our Heritage. While reading about the pioneers and their trials, and about the men that excepted missionary calls so willingly when they had no money and families that they would have to leave behind, I was filled with gratitude for my situation and for the standard of missionary work that the pioneers set. Even though I´m living in fairly humble conditions when compared to home, I still feel extremely blessed when contrasted with what the pioneers would have sacreficed for their call to serve. 

I don´t really know what´s going to happen with my leg... I still have a lot of pain, I´m still staying home all day, but the Lord has a purpose for everything. I´ve already grown from this experience, maybe I haven´t learned everything that I need to and that´s why it still hurts. I don´t know. But what I do know is that my desire is to serve the Lord and keep his commandments. As long as I´m doing those things I except the conditions that he gives me. For he´s only molding me into the kind of person that I hope to become someday. I´m truly grateful for these experiences and I look forward to what other things I´ll be able to experience while on my mission.

The mission president did send another missionary for our companionship! So now we´re in a quad companionship! Two go out and teach while one stays with me and they just rotate through. It´s different but it gives me something to write about in my journal after being home all day ;) Elder West decided to go on a strict diet with me! A member went and did our shopping for us and got tons of veggies! So we´ve been making really big salads and eating super healthy. We told members that I couldn´t eat at their houses anymore, but Elder Huefner and our new companion Elder Olivos still can go out to eat with them. 

Thank you for your prayers and support! I´ve definitely felt comfort from them! Elder West and Huefner gave me a beautiful blessing and I continue to pray that everything will be alright, but whatever happens I know that the Lord has his hand in it. I love you guys! Don´t worry about me! The Lord has been really good to me with giving me great companions who take great care of me, a mission president who bends over backwards to make sure the missionaries are taken care of, ward members who bring me lots of healthy food, and a wonderful opportunity to learn :) 

Elder Twede

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